Summer Crown Tournament – 17 July 2021

Middle Kingdom,

Hear the words of your Sovereign Lord and the kind, wise, gracious, and loving Sultana. Loyal and persevering subject of the realm, We Felix and Madeleina here do proclaim the following: Those who desire to become Our Heirs must submit in writing a letter (email) requesting to fight in Crown Tournament. Letter of intent and all required documents are to be in Our possession as well as the Kingdom Seneschal possession by June 19th 5pm EST.

This is short notice; however, the needs of the Kingdom and this reign require extraordinary ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape. It is no easy thing to serve this Kingdom under normal circumstances, serving in this role recovering from a plague will be particularly challenging. It will require extra time, effort, patience, courage, and kindness to ensure the people of this Kingdom are served properly. Serving the people of this realm and attending to the Kingdoms needs should be your only considerations for this specific Crown Tournament. With that in mind, carefully consider your intent as well as your abilities to serve as Heirs and Monarchs.

It is Our obligation to ensure the Middle Kingdom has a line of succession. We present the Middle Kingdom Crown List requirement for Felix the Just of Ramsey and Madeleina De La Mans. Crown Tournament is to be help July 17th, 2021, site details to be announced in the coming days. Please be patient, information is being released as fast as it can be prepared.

It is the intention to start the procession at 9:30 am, tournament to follow immediately. As a rule, We are prompt; you should be as well.

  1. Both combatant and consort must be acceptable to the Crown.
  2. You must be a citizen of the Middle Kingdom as stated in Kingdom Law.
  3. Your SCA membership must not expire prior to June 2022.
  4. If you are spoken to about your calibration and or behavior being excessive by the KEM or the Crown, you accept that you may be required to resign from the list and withdraw from the tournament, regardless of how many wins or loses you may have had.
  5. Present to the station you aspire. The expectation is to have a historic presence upon the field based on documentation, regardless of time period. All items are required to be in good repair. Garments should not be torn or have excessive stains. Your harness should not be rusty, all paint should be new. Helmets will not have stickers or tape marks. Shields may not have garden hose edging, nor may the edging be zip tied on the shield. Shields and armor may not be covered or held on with duct tape. No vinyl covering is allowed on shields. No visible plastic or glaring non-medieval items will be allowed. Non-medieval shoes, with the exception of tennis shoes, may be worn but they must appear to be medieval. Tennis shoes will not be allowed in any form.
  6. You are required to have a banner/pennon with your heraldic display or your consort’s mounted on a pole 7-8 feet in height. You will also need a portable hole to mount into the ground around the list field. This is for the procession and pageantry of the list field. As you are removed from the tournament youwill remove your banner. Silk banners are preferred.

Tournament Rules, Weapons and Format

  1. We are using Middle Kingdom rules and general customs for tournaments.
  2. Shield size should be proportional and historically appropriate to your portrayal. A good general rule is that you can straddle your shield and it falls within your shoulderwidth. (A shield not meeting this rule, but historically correct for the armor worn may be allowed.) It is recommended that you ask the King if your shield is too large and/or historically acceptable.
  3. Weapons forms allowed in Crown List:
    • a. Weapon and shield
    • b. For the finals, buckler and weapon can be selected as a specific style that is different than sword and shield. A buckler must be smaller than 18 inches.
    • c. 6-foot polearms allowed: poleaxe, bills, pole hammers, dane axe,
      • a. No unpadded polearms will be allowed.
      • b. No overlarge heads will be allowed; they must resemble the actual weapon type.
      • c. No butt spikes will be allowed.
      • d. Foot lances of 6 feet in length.
      • e. Long sword; a long sword length is up to 48 inches.
      • f. No back-up weapons allowed.
      • g. All other weapons and weapon forms are banned from this list
  4. The tournament is a double elimination. Per kingdom Law, the seeding of the tournament will be randomly drawn.
  5. No Bye Fights.
  6. All bouts will be best two out of three; weapons need not be matched until the finals.
  7. Finals will be the best of five bouts. Weapons forms will be matched and may not repeat. (This means if there are 5 bouts you will fight, buckler and weapon, shield and weapon, 6-foot polearm, 6-foot spear and longsword.)

Be well, be kind to each other and We look forward to being in your company.

-Felix et Madeleina