Pale Letter – June – Their Majesties Arch and Runa

Unto the Mighty Midrealm do we, Runa and Arch, send greetings.  

We would like to start by thanking the Barony of Barony of Middle Marches for hosting Our Crown Tourney and Kingdom A&S.  We join the Kingdom in welcoming Our Heirs, and look forward to working with Them in the coming months.  We were also overjoyed to see all the wondrous works that Our Kingdom has produced, as well as the many fine entries by Our new artisans.  

As many of you are aware by now, We have completed the negotiations for the upcoming Pennsic War.  We were able to secure battles and singles for Our combatants, contests of skill for both archery and thrown champions as well as the populace, and both an A&S showcase as well as recognition for Our populace to take and teach classes.  Finally, we were able to secure recognition for all the populace who are able to Serve so that we all may enjoy the War.  We look forward to seeing all of you who feel comfortable enjoying a week of friendship with Our eternal friends and foes.

As We progress through the summer months, We shall be attending as many events as We can.  If you feel comfortable and are able, please seek Us out to renew the bonds of Friendship that make this Kingdom truly the best place to enjoy the current Middle Ages.  

One Midrealm!

Runa and Arch, Drotnig and Konig