New Rapier Handbook

We have released a new edition of the Marshal Handbook for Rapier.

The handbook can be found here.

*Rule Revisions*

Here are the rules with the following revisions;

*Replaced the old foreword with my own

*Rule 2.3.1. is no longer in effect, rapier spear authorizations may now be done any time after a combatant’s initial authorization.

*7.4.4 -M No combatant may grab the haft of an opponent’s spear and attempt to pull or wrestle it away from the opponent. Spear hafts may be manipulated with an open hand.

*7.11 -M Combatants may not pull or exert force on an opponent’s weapon or parry device in a way which constitutes wrestling for control of the weapon or device.

*7.12 -M No combatant may intentionally step on an opponent’s weapon or parry device, as this could cause damage to the weapon or device and/or cause it to become a tripping hazard.

*Glossary; additions to definitions of Tip, Draw, and Push cuts: -M A valid tip/draw/push cut is constituted by a draw of at least 6” or the width of the limb being “cut/drawn/pushed” against.

*Appendix 8M. Midrealm Marshal Event Paperwork Requirements

Please Note: the Marshal’s Test has not yet been revised to reflect these changes, I will be working on that over the next few days.