From the MK Helpdesk – Reporting is no longer done via the Service Portal

Good day everyone!

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the beginnings of the summer season. We wanted to bring your attention to something that already several people have discovered and that is that you can no longer access reporting on the Service Portal

The reports were actually moved off of the portal many, many months ago, but we’re still seeing some people trying to file them that way. You should have received information from your Kingdom Officer (possibly via regionals) about your report being moved. Do remember that these communications would go to your Official Email address, if you do not have access to your official email address, please reach out to the MK Helpdesk via the form on the website and we will get you that access.

In order to file your reports that are typically Google Forms, you will need to do so logged into these official email addresses.  You can find the links to these forms on the Kingdom Officer’s page for your Office on our Kingdom Website.

As a general reminder, please make sure that you send all of your requests for assistance with the Middle Kingdom technology to the MK Helpdesk via the form on the Helpdesk page or directly to issues (at) midrealm (dot) org. We will route you to the people who can best assist you with your concern from there.

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient these past couple of months while our small band of volunteers works their way through your issues. We are currently looking for a few more people to join us so if you are interested, please let us know! (use the form :D)


JahanAra and the MK Helpdesk team.