Air Quality Guidelines

In light of the smoke issues from the Canadian wildfires, I’ve gotten some questions about when we should cancel outdoor activities due to air quality issues.

I’ve talked to some folks with air quality experience.

We are looking at fine particulate matter in the air ( PM2.5) which is measured in the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Current measurements can be found at:

At 100 AQI ( PM 2.5 ) asthmatics and sensitive persons will begin having issues by higher degree.
At 150 AQI ( PM 2.5) non- sensitive people will begin having issues.
At 200 AQI ( PM 2.5) pretty much everyone will be in a dangerous situation.

When the local AQI (PM 2.5) is over 200 outdoor martial activities are to be cancelled. At lower levels participants should act with caution and in the interest of their health. As always, Local Marshals may cancel official activities based on their reading of the environment.

Additional information can be found at: