Rapier Marshal Test REminder

Hello Rapier Marshals! I am back stateside and have reviewed all test results on the supplementary test up through today. Please check your email for your released scores.

Note: If the message accompanying your score begins with “congratulations” then you have passed the quiz, however, you may need to review a question or two – this will be noted in the message. If the message begins with “Please reread” then you have not passed, and should review your answers by clicking “view” in the score release email, you will be able to see which questions were answered incorrectly. Then review the updates and retake the quiz.

For those who have not yet taken it, the deadline is now less than one month away, May 1st. Please take the test as soon as possible. It is very brief, and should take no more than 15 minutes, including review of the included updates.


Maestra Mirabai, DKEM Fencing

Link to test: https://forms.gle/pFByqNqWpK8sdBcT6