Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier Combat

Master Darius Lowen
1981 Little Water Dr
Columbus, OH 43223

Office that oversees all Rapier Combat activities in the Midrealm.

Reporting Schedule

Office type Reporting dates
Marshals of the Field Nov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
Group/Baronial Marshals; GRMIT and MIT Feb 1 (Q1),May 1 (Q2), Aug 1 (Q3), Nov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
Regional Feb 7 (Q1), May 7 (Q2), Aug 7 (Q3), Nov 7 (Domesday/Q4)

Deputies to the Rapier Marshal

  Office Officer Name
  Deputy Earl Marshal for Experimental Weapons - Rapier Combat Vacant
Constellation Marshal - Rapier Combat Cecily O'Donell
Midlands Marshal - Rapier Combat Lucius Antonius Ursus
  North Oaken Marshal - Rapier Combat Llen Crede
  North Oaken Marshal - Rapier Combat Marcos de Ribera
Pentamere Marshal - Rapier Combat Michael McCay
South Oaken Marshal - Rapier Combat Aidan Blackstone (David A. Young)

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