Master Darius Lowen
1981 Little Water Dr
Columbus, OH 43223

Office that oversees all Rapier Combat activities in the Midrealm.


Reporting Schedule

Office Type

Reporting Dates

Marshals of the FieldNov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
Group/Baronial Marshals; GRMIT and MITFeb 1 (Q1),May 1 (Q2), Aug 1 (Q3), Nov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
RegionalFeb 7 (Q1), May 7 (Q2), Aug 7 (Q3), Nov 7 (Domesday/Q4)

Deputies to the Rapier Marshal


Officer Name

 Deputy Earl Marshal for Experimental Weapons - Rapier CombatVacant
Constellation Marshal - Rapier CombatCecily O'Donell
Midlands Marshal - Rapier CombatOda Umi (title: Oda-dono or Umi-sama) (Laura Crowell)
North Oaken Marshal - Rapier CombatKateryn Bronwen of Gloucester (Katrina Strubler)
 Pentamere Marshal - Rapier CombatÆlfwine Pyttel
 South Oaken Marshal - Rapier CombatDeor Leodegar