Maestra Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr Maestra Mirabai

Office that oversees all Rapier Combat activities in the Midrealm.


Latest News

Q2 report are due by midnight this coming Monday, May 1st.

File out reports using this form:

Rapier Continuing Education

The time has come for the much anticipated Continuing Education for Rapier Marshals!

Requirements for All Midrealm Rapier Marshals, to be completed no later than September 16th 2023:

1)Attend at least one in-person or Zoom Marshal Refresher Meeting (see dates below).

2)Take the online Rapier Marshal’s test. This test is “open-book”. Marshals who have completed their MiT in the past year are exempt from this requirement.

3)When you have done both 1 and 2, complete this form: 

*Marshals who are exempt from the second requirement may complete this form after attending a meeting.

4.1.23LunchIn-PersonTournament of Defense, Pentamere
4.29.23LunchIn-PersonGrand Tournament of the Dragon, South Oaken
5.9.238pm ESTZoomLink TBD
5.25.238pm ESTZoomLink TBD
6.10.23LunchIn-PersonNorth Oaken War Maneuvers, North Oaken
6.20.238pm ESTZoomLink TBD
7.1.23LunchIn-PersonSimple Day, Constellation
8.7.234pmIn-PersonPennsic, Rapier Tent (Tentative)

The most current information for the continuing education requirements and dates can be found at:

New Rapier Handbook

We have released a new edition of the Marshal Handbook for Rapier.

The handbook can be found here.

A summary of the changes can be found here

Grappling Experiment Suspended


To all rapier combatants;

The Grappling Experiment is temporarily suspended pending reapproval from Society, effective immediately.

A new proposal for the experiment is being written, and will be sent in to Society as soon as possible. Miguel, head of the experiment, or I will update this information as soon as feedback is received on the new proposal.


Maestra Mirabai

DKEM Fencing,



We have a new form to fill out so that every kingdom’s data all goes in to one spreadsheet. As an important to note, each person participating must fill out BOTH PAGES after every practice/event they attend. Previously we only asked that one person fill it out for the event, but going forwards EVERYONE PARTICIPATING (IE WEARING REDUCED ARMOR) MUST FILL OUT THE FORM EVERY TIME.

To all Rapier Group and Baronial Marshals;

Your Q1 report is due in on Feb. 1st 2023

Please use the below link to report.

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Reporting Schedule

Office Type

Reporting Dates

Marshals of the FieldNov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
Group/Baronial Marshals and MITs functioning as Group/Baronial MarshalsFeb 1 (Q1),May 1 (Q2), Aug 1 (Q3), Nov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
RegionalFeb 7 (Q1), May 7 (Q2), Aug 7 (Q3), Nov 7 (Domesday/Q4)

Deputies to the Rapier Marshal


Officer Name

 Deputy Earl Marshal for Experimental Weapons - Rapier CombatVacant
Constellation Marshal - Rapier CombatGregory Bryant
Midlands Marshal - Rapier CombatOda Umi (title: Oda-dono or Umi-sama) (Laura Crowell)
North Oaken Marshal - Rapier CombatKateryn Bronwen of Gloucester (Katrina Strubler)
 Pentamere Marshal - Rapier CombatÆlfwine Pyttel
 South Oaken Marshal - Rapier CombatDeor Leodegar