Deputy Earl Marshal for Rapier Combat

Maestra Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr Maestra Mirabai

Office that oversees all Rapier Combat activities in the Midrealm.


Latest News

  • Heat and Air Quality Policy
    With the weather heating up it’s a good time to review our heat and air quality policies. Looking through the handbooks we discovered that the policy is not listed in all of the handbooks. We are working to remedy that, but as a reminder here is our current heat and air quality guidelines: ● If… Read more: Heat and Air Quality Policy
  • Deputy to the Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
    The Deputy Earl Marshal for Youth Rapier, Oda Umi – Dono, is looking for a deputy. Duties include: If interested please contact Oda Umi at: [email protected]
  • Next Kingdom Rapier Marshal
    I am pleased to announce that Master Lisabetta von Atzinger has agreed to serve as the next Midrealm Kingdom Rapier Marshal. We had several other well qualified applicants, and it was a tough decision. Lisabetta will be shadowing Master Mirabai for the next few months to get read for her second term as KRM. The… Read more: Next Kingdom Rapier Marshal
  • Youth Rapier Experiment
    Experimental Weapon Youth Rapier Division 2 What: An experimental weapon trial for division 2 (ages 10-13).  The majority of the Known World uses epees for this division but the Middle Kingdom has disallowed that weapon in our Kingdom.  An alternative weapon to bridge the gap between plastic swords and metal rapier blades is needed while… Read more: Youth Rapier Experiment
  • Youth Rapier Program Update
    It is with great pleasure I have seen an uptick in interest in the youth rapier program. Here is some handy information in a condensed format.  1. There is a new rules book posted on the Earl Marshal’s webpage. Oct 2023 edition.  2. You can get your youth sparring authorization any event or practice where… Read more: Youth Rapier Program Update

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Reporting Schedule

Office Type

Reporting Dates

Marshals of the FieldNov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
Group/Baronial Marshals and MITs functioning as Group/Baronial MarshalsFeb 1 (Q1),May 1 (Q2), Aug 1 (Q3), Nov 1 (Domesday/Q4)
RegionalFeb 7 (Q1), May 7 (Q2), Aug 7 (Q3), Nov 7 (Domesday/Q4)

Deputies to the Rapier Marshal


Officer Name

 Deputy Earl Marshal for Experimental Weapons - Rapier CombatVacant
Constellation Marshal - Rapier CombatRashid al-Sanna (Marshall Oliver)
Midlands Marshal - Rapier CombatRoland de Sullane (Daniel R. Smith )
North Oaken Marshal - Rapier CombatKateryn Bronwen of Gloucester (Katrina Strubler)
 Pentamere Marshal - Rapier CombatÆlfwine Pyttel
 South Oaken Marshal - Rapier CombatDeor Leodegar