Attention Marshals and authorized participants: Kingdom Law Change

Attention Marshals and authorized participants:

Kingdom law has been changed.The law requiring membership in the Society to authorize or maintain an authorization in the Midrealm has been removed. Paid membership, or sometimes referred to as pay-to-play, will no longer be required to authorize, fight at events, or maintain an authorization in the Middle Kingdom as of March 31, 2020.
This law has been changed in accordance with Kingdom Law as determined by the Crown and Supported by Curia.

After MARCH 31, 2020 Here is what you need to know!!

  • An authorizing person must sign an individual waiver prior to authorizing, and present this to the MIC. This waiver must be sent to the Clerk of the Roster of the Middle Kingdom!
  • Everyone signs the roster waiver (UBER FORM). Everytime! Every official event/practice/war
  • An authorized person does not have to maintain a membership to maintain the authorization, but must have an individual waiver on file with the Clerk of the Roster of the Middle Kingdom!
  • All Marshals and Group Officers MUST MAINTAIN A SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP!!!!!
  • An INDIVIDUAL WAIVER must be signed prior to any person authorizing.
  • A SIGNED INDIVIDUAL WAIVER must be on file with the Clerk of the Roster. Send all signed Individual waivers to the Midrealm Clerk of the Roster!
  • All Official SCA/MIDREALM events, practices, tournaments, and wars will have a roster waiver (UBER FORM ) signed by all participants. Everyone signs the roster waiver, everytime!
  • A blue membership card is proof of membership. BUT NOT PROOF OF A SIGNED WAIVER ON FILE WITH THE CLERK OF THE ROSTER. A signed individual waiver must still be sent to , and on file with the Clerk of the Roster for the Middle Kingdom
  • The database will be updated to add a “WAIVER ON FILE” tile. The Clerk of the Roster will activate this tile when your waiver is officially on file with that office.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) I’m a marshal, do I have to be a member?

2) When does this take effect?
March , 31 2020

3) I’m ready to authorize, do I need to have proof of membership?
After March 31, 2020 No. But you must sign a waiver and present it to the MIC of the event . This waiver will be sent to the Clerk of the Roster.

4) Do I need a membership to be a group officer?

5) I don’t have a waiver on file with the Clerk of the Roster, but I want to fight/ride. What do I do? SIGN A WAIVER at the event. Be sure that a waiver is sent to the Clerk of the Roster immediately.

6) I’m an MIC , what waiver forms do I need to have at my event after March 31, 2020??Individual waivers ( to be sent to the Clerk of the Roster), and the UBER FORM as a roster waiver.
All normal authorization paperwork and a copy of the handbook are also required.

7) I’m an MIC and my event is over. Where do I send my paperwork?
All paperwork from your event is to be sent to your Regional Marshal. Any individual waivers you have in your possession must end up with the Clerk of the Roster. Regionals will forward these on for you if postage is a problem. DON”T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR ROSTER WAIVER AND INDIVIDUAL WAIVERS!!!

8) Do I need to sign a waiver at my first Practice?
YES! Your Group marshal will keep this on file. You may be asked to sign other waivers at your authorization. I know this sounds redundant , and it is.

9) Will there be changes to the online authorization database as part of this change?
YES. A “waiver on file” tile will be added to show that the Clerk of the Roster has your waiver on file.This will help streamline our List Table process!

Also, we will be adding a line for your mundane name. This will help when you travel out of kingdom and there must be proof of identity.

10) Who do I contact for questions?
Your Regional Marshal is first!
Waiver questions may be directed to the Clerk of the Roster
Questions concerning your martial discipline in general should be directed at the Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal of your discipline.

Finally, if you have a question that cannot be answered by the Armored, Rapier, Equestrian, and youth DKEMS, please contact the Kingdom Earl marshal. [email protected]
I have been redundant in the above information because it is important.

Thank you,
Duke Ullr, Midrealm KEM