September Pale – Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings Midrealm, 

I know there have been many changes to the restrictions as we start gathering again.  Unfortunately, I don’t believe that will be changing anytime soon.  Know we are doing everything we can to keep you safe while still trying to allow us to gather in person. So please be extra kind to your officers, this includes the Royals, Curia, Baronage, Regionals, Deputies, and Local Officers – we are all volunteers and doing the best we can to serve you and the Kingdom.  We beg your patience and understanding. 

As a reminder, at least as of the time of this writing, here are the current restrictions for the Middle Kingdom, with full support of the Crown:

  1. For weekend events, you MUST be pre-registered, or you cannot attend.  Pre-registration should include, at a minimum, information required for contact tracing purposes. Groups are highly encouraged to use SCARS or the Kingdom Paypal to reduce touchpoints and lines. 
  2. ALL events (weekend events, meetings, fighter practice, guild meetings, etc.) everyone MUST fill out the contact tracing form with VIABLE contact information for all attendees, including children, for each event.
  3. Masks that cover the nose and mouth, MUST be worn at ALL TIMES while indoors for ALL activities, including but not limited to marshaled activities, A&S, gabbing with friends.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you cannot wear a mask you cannot be inside.  If you must remove a mask for eating or drinking, you must go outside.  Masks are encouraged in outdoor spaces, especially when unable to social distance.
  4. Post the Board required language…everywhere.  If in doubt, post it.
  5. NO FEAST/COMMUNAL FOOD is permitted. What does this mean?  It means that the traditional 5-gallon jug of water/Gatorade (or whatever size/drink) where everyone helps themselves is not approved in the Midrealm at this time as it creates a safety concern of too many touch points.  So, bring your own hydration. Food spreads provided by SCA groups or households where people graze are not permitted. Please pack your food/snack accordingly.  Individuals may have shared food among small groups but must have a sign indicating that the food is provided by an individual, and not a SCA group/household, and is consumed at an individual’s own risk.

After discussions, a lunch tavern provided by the local group may be permitted, but MUST have the food individually pre-packaged and be served by a single gloved individual.  There should not be communal seating – patrons should return to their outside day camps to eat. The Board required language should be clearly displayed near the “SCA tavern.”  Food trucks/outside vendors are permitted and may serve as they deem appropriate.

Please, do not get creative with these rules.  While I’m sure loopholes can be found in these simple rules, we are concerned with safety.  Bear this in mind. 
If there is a report of a positive testing of an individual who attended your event, please contact me, with a copy to your Regional, so we can discuss the process required. 

Above all, remember to be gentle with each other. Don’t crowd people. Give space if asked.  Nobody is required to tell you if they are vaccinated. Groups are NOT permitted to check or ask for proof of vaccination, although when situations require close quarters such as Courts, retaining, and classes, requests may be gently made requesting masking or vaccination.  Remember, masks are REQUIRED when inside. Please request a copy of approved language to this effect from your Regional Seneschal. 

Finally, regardless of your office, or even if you have no office, do not feel obligated to attend any event if you don’t feel comfortable.  If someone tries to guilt you, come to me. I’ll tell you personally, it is OK. You are NOT obligated. Be safe. 

Yours in Service, 
Master Cerridwen verch Ioreword
Middle Kingdom Seneschal