Help Navigating SCA-rs Registration system

Greetings Midrealm,

At every event run under the new SCA-rs system there has been at least one incidence of gentles turning up without registration. To be clear, pre-registration is still required for weekend events by the SCA-Inc. Board. In most cases the issue appears to be where technology meets people. Below is a basic step-by-step run-through of “How-to register for an event”. If you are in need of further information or assistance please see the bullets below:

Any other questions can be directed to the Kingdom Exchequer, [email protected].

In service to the Kingdom,
Modrybedd Eilis the Stone

2 – Sign into your account

3 – Navigate to events in the Midrealm and select event details for the event you wish to attend.

4 – Select register

5 – Register yourself or a family group

6 – Follow the steps indicated including entering payment information as necessary.

7 – Congratulations you are registered. We recommend that you check for confirmation email. If that does not arrive go back to the event registration site and click register you should see confirmation that you are already registered. You may want to screenshot this for your peace of mind.

8 – Remember that SCARs closes 24 hours before the event to allow the registration list to be sent to the event staff. So don’t leave it until the last minute.

9 – If you are a member, you can check on the events that you have registered for by logging back into the members portal and scrolling to the last link. There you can look at “My Event Registrations”.

When you click on the link it will take you to another page that lists all of your successful event registrations. We recommend that you screenshot (or print) the registration information and take it to the event with you.