Thrown Weapons Update

Forrester Uthan Laoch has long served as Deputy Earl Marshal for Thrown Weapons. He’s had a good tenure – overseeing a new edition of the handbook and several experiments. I’ve been really glad to work with him, he cares deeply about the SCA and Thrown Weapons.

So, we need to find his successor. If you are interested in the post please send me and Uthan an email. Include why you are interested in the position, your vision for the office, and any qualifications you have. If you have an SCA resume that would be good to send over as well.

Please email your interest to [email protected] and [email protected]

We will be accepting applications through Sunday, September 17.

In other Thrown Weapons news, we are moving plumbata from experimental status to fully legal status. We expect to release a revised edition of the handbook shortly.