Non-Metal Weapons Experiment Update

The Non-Metal Weapons Experiment will now include limited Melee engagements, following these specifications:

1)There may be no more than ten combatants TOTAL (5v5, 6v4, etc).

2)All combatants must be aware that experimental weapons will be used, and agree to their use.

3)NMW users are considered to be “at fault” for any injuries that occur. Injuries must be reported both in the experiment report and to the Regional Marshal and KRM.

4)Butt Strikes and Shaft Strikes are explicitly prohibited.

5)There must be one marshal for each “side” of the melee, and a ratio maintained of one marshal for each pair of NMW in play. Example; 4 NMW in play = 2 marshals, 6 NMW = 3 marshals, 8 NMW = 4 marshals. The primary 2 marshals must be C&T marshals in the NMW experiment, additional marshals may be any rapier marshals.

6)All combatants must be C&T authorized and armored, but do not need to be part of the Non-Metal Weapons experiment.


Maestra Mirabai Sitt al-Sirr

DKEM Fencing, Midrealm