New Armored Combat Handbook

After reviewing the excellent feedback from the populace on the next edition of the Armored Combat Handbook we have completed the revision.

We received the most feedback about single handed weapons being allowed to have thrusting tips on both ends of the weapon. In response to this feedback we are going to run the change first as an experiment to ensure that it works in a Midrealm context. Information on enrolling in the experiment will come out shortly.

Here are the major Midrealm Changes:
Note: The rules of engagement for melee are currently being revised by the Kingdoms of the Middle, East, and AEthelmearc to get us all on one standard. When that is accomplished the handbook will be updated.

Added: Heat and Air Quality rules
Continued: requirements for hand and elbow protection

Added: The use of Mandrake-style rubber thrusting tips is prohibited on all fiberglass spears.

Added: Spears over 7.5 feet in length shall not have thrusting tips on both ends

Changed: Foam heads and clackers are now allowed on weapons over 6 feet

Changed: 6′ Fiberglass spears are now permitted, they must follow all construction rules for fiberglass spears.

Changed: Authorization requirements to become and MIT and Warranted marshal

Changed: Dead combatant rules
Revised: Authorization and Inspection guidelines

Society level changes that are applicable for the Midrealm:
Groin protection change. Added clarification wording “Testicles must be protected to a standard equivalent to that provided by an athletic cup…”. Removes unclear, undefined requirement of “pubic protector” that was often interpreted as rigid groin protection for women, and that varied wildly in size and level of protection. Research by medical personnel has not found data to support the need for rigid groin protection for women, even for high contact sports or similar activities. Wording reflects input from the DEIA community to accommodate variations

Removed “separate breast cups” rule. Not needed for safety issues. Originally intended to dissuade “fantasy” armor styles. Removes ambiguity raised for other acceptable armor styles such as lamellar, scale, small plate armor.

Single-Hand Weapons Change. Thrusting tip resilient material changed from .75inch to .5inch. The .5inch thickness has been successfully used in Trimaris for 10 years with no issues.

Maximum spear length change. Maximum length changed from 12 ft to 9 ft. This will improve game play and simplify rules. (Most kingdoms already limit to 9ft. The six kingdoms that still allow 12 ft have all reported that there would be no issue returning to 9ft.)

The new edition of the handbook can be found at: