Armored Combat Single Handed Weapon Thrusting Tip Experiment

As a result of feedback on the latest edition of the Armored Combat Handbook we are going to run an experiment to see if thrusting tips on both ends of a single handed weapon will work in a Midrealm context. Here is the information for the experiment:
Midrealm Butt spike Experiment 11.12.2023
(Butt spikes are currently already approved for use at Society level)

  1. Butt spikes on single hand swords only? No, all weapons under 48” long, both sides of sword can have thrusting tips.
  2. If a butt spike is on a sword, can the sword still also have a thrusting tip? yes
  3. What’s the butt spike construction method? Same as any tip, if on a basket hilted weapon, the butt spike must have a ½” of clearance away from the basket / any mechanical attachment method before starting to build the padded tip, and the tip padding goes onto a rattan only.
  4. What’s the butt spike inspection method? Ensure ½” of clearance from basket or other hard surface, padding to be on rattan surface only, and padded like every other thrusting tip.
  5. What will be the testing period? This will have a 3 month pilot period, at the end of the 3 months, a review of reported data shall occur, and be submitted to KEM. (KEM may choose to Extend for another 3 months if necessary, based on data, or lack of data.)
  6. Reporting method? All testers shall fill out a Google cloud report form after every event they use it.
  7. All appropriate Midrealm Experimental Weapons rules shall be in place and utilized for this test.
  8. To enroll in the test email Sir Draenge ([email protected]) and Duke Eikbrandr ([email protected]) – include several pictures of the weapons you intend to use from multiple angles so we can validate the weapon’s construction.