Thrusting Tip Experiment

It’s been awhile since the Midrealm has had an Armored Combat weapon experiment. With the start of the Single Hand Two Thrusting Tip experiment it is a good time to review how experiments work.

Here are the rules from the Armored Combat Handbook:

Midrealm Rule:

● If there are any experimental weapons to be used on the field, they are to be announced during the Invocation of the list.

● All combatants and marshals must consent to the use of the weapon or material before combat begins.

● If any of the marshals or combatants object to the use of the material or weapon, the material or weapon may not be used in that fight or battle.

● All experimental materials and weapons shall be marked with alternating bands of red and green tape totaling 6 inches (15.2 cm) in length. Bands shall be visible during weapon usage.

So, during the invocation of the list the Marshal In Charge of the event should ask if anyone has an experimental weapon. If you have one you should announce it at that time.

The Marshal may ask at that time if everyone is ok with facing that weapon. If someone says they are not comfortable the weapon may not be used in combat with that combatant.

If you are using an experimental weapon during a bout you should also show it before each bout so your opponent may decline facing it.

Any issue with the weapons should be shared in the event report. If anyone has any feedback on the weapons please feel free to send your commentary in as well – send to Sir Draenge ([email protected]) and Duke Eikbrandr ([email protected])

Experimental weapons are to be marked with alternating bands of red and green tape totaling six inches in length. Society set that standard, I don’t know why we are using colors that colorblind folks may have trouble with.

For this experiment, the part that most folks will be unfamiliar with is butt spikes. Here are the guidelines for inspecting a butt spike.

There must be ½” of clearance from basket or other hard surface, padding to be on rattan surface only, and padded like every other thrusting tip. The thrusting tip must be at least ½” of padding.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.