Atlatl Update

We have reached the end of the Midrealm Atlatl experiment.

Atlatl is now a normal part of our activities.

If you are a warranted Atlatl marshal, please feel free to add it to your practices and event activities. You can run it on a range with no requirement for extra reporting.

Include Atlatl activities on your regular Event Reports and quarterly/annual Marshal’s reports.

We can begin training new MiTs. There is a new Target Archery and Thrown Weapons MiT form that includes Atlatl.

Any currently warranted TA or TW marshal can become an Atlatl Mit and only needs to have the Atlatl sign offs completed. Anyone beginning the MiT process for TA or TW can do the Atlatl part at the same time.

There is a separate test for Atlatl marshals that can be given by the Regional Archery Marshals, Kingdom Archery Marshal, or Kingdom Thrown Weapons Marshal.

My thanks to all of you who have participated in the experiment. Your work and reporting made this addition to our kingdom possible. A copy of the final Atlatl handbook can be found at the link below

Forster Dietrich, Kingdom Archery Marshal